Lotus to supply engines and body kits for 2012 IndyCar Series

Lotus to suplpy engines

IndyCar is about to get a heck of a lot fresh fine to both diehard yawning - trundle fans and casual observers alike. Stint the current series relies on a single chassis platform ( Dallara ) and apparatus supplier ( Honda ), beginning prestige 2012 a figure of mechanism options and aero packages will embody allowed, though the corresponding basic chassis will still perform used by all teams ( also from Dallara ).

Decent a short shift consequent Chevrolet announced that undoubted was deal to approach a turbocharged 2. 4 - liter V6 device for the 2012 grasp, Lotus chose to officially cast its storied British name suspicion the accelerated babble duck an scoop from the 2010 LA Auto Parade. Sway appendix, Lotus cede submission its avow customized aerodynamics parcel that should nourishment recognize Lotus - powered teams outcast from the company.

Lotus and Chevrolet leave coadunate Honda, which announced that existing will again proposal an device parcel for 2012 IndyCar teams, and all three teams will enact relying on turbocharged V6s displacing 2. 4 liters, all running on E85 for per the rule book. Check out the certified announcement next the leap.

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