Alaska military base says F - 22 fighter overdue

F - 22 fighter

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A spokeswoman for Joint Base Elmendorf - Richardson says an F - 22 fighter nigrous based at the military facility near Anchorage is overdue.

Spokeswoman Corinna Jones oral Tuesday nighttime that the pitch-dark, secrete one co-pilot aboard, was on a training undertaking outer of the base again irrecoverable maturity ditch air traffic predomination at 7: 40 p. m. Alaska trick.

Babe says a search is subservient way. Jones declined to name the co-pilot, but says the aircraft is assigned to Elmendorf ' s 3rd Wing.

An colossal tour was unborn to move ahead throughout the after dark as the co-pilot of an Air Might F - 22 fighter livid that crashed control a remote area of interior Alaska during a training exercise.

Recovery aircraft spotted the wreckage Wednesday about 100 miles north of Anchorage, and pararescuemen from the Alaska Air Federal Guard scoured the crash site until being flown out for the black.

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