Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Waiting for the new 3G IPAD finally ended. I have in my hands 3G 64GB model Wi-Fi as I write this, with a data plan $ 30 a month for AT & T.

After one month jump in and out of the Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi version, I can say that the 3G functionality dramatically changed the way I use this device. Leave no doubt that the new 3G is superior.

IPAD with Wi-Fi + 3G and Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. 3G cellular signals - indicating that the phone uses - to connect to the Internet. Select IPAD with Wi-Fi + 3G, if you're going to spend time in places without access points Wi-Fi, and outdoors or traveling in the morning.

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