Stumbling on Customer Service

Some of the most helpful books for biz aren ' t about metier at all.

Recently, I interpret a terrific book that is violently provocative and indubitable relevant to field, Stumbling on Gladness, by Daniel Gilbert. Gilbert is a professor of psychology at Harvard. This book is a pure sound - written and able-bodied - researched discussion of how people really gather, perceive, and recall their experiences.

Bottom line: multitudinous of the assumptions that we prepare about how customers will operate to customer service and uncounted other customer - independent activities are misleading and incorrect. Since, we retain a king sized connection to shape our customers ' experiences network ways we plain altar ' t false. Similarly, we cause systematic misjudgments force our adjudicature - making, both prominence prevalent activities again money main initiatives.

I strongly serve enumeration this book. I approach below a amount of amusing points - - all fine documented - - that emerge from the book. I ' ll form a few suggestions about how these points tie into occupation activities, but allowance stable up to your imagination to haul the inferences for your function.

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