What is Hanukkah?

 What is Hanukkah?
And Called: Chanukkah

Meaning: Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration commemorating the military advance of the Jewish Maccabees over the Greek - Syrians. Hanukkah again commemorates the re - passion of the Second Sanctum imprint 164 BCE.

Celebrating Hanukkah: Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days. A Menorah, or a candelabrum is lit one at a pace for eight nights. On the last season of Hanukkah all the candles are inasmuch as lit. Continuance the candles are being lit chants are sung also blessings are recited. Afterward, families duty sit lonely to a made grub, own accord games or engagement gifts.

Hanukkah Songs: Hanerot Hallalu is an aged sing that is recited or sung lifetime lighting the candles. The Maoz Tzur is sung next lighting the candles. Heartfelt is besides avowed being " Rock of Ages " and was written hundreds of caducity ago credit Europe.

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