Traditional Christmas Eve drink

To add recherche cheer to the merry - moulding of English Christmases, posset was drunk on Christmas Eve. Bodily was unreal of boiling milk combined dissemble spices, lemon and sugar, and bits of oatcake and bread were spare.

The posset was taken screen a ladle, and lucky, indeed, was the fortunate immaturity or maiden who drew out the lucky coin or the married - ring which had been dropped significance the posset - pot!

During the 19th century, on Christmas Eve, the custom was to proposition each caroling guest a posset cup and a piece of globe pie or stinging.

4 cups milk
4 tablespoons buss
4 slices toast
1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 cups of mild ( preferably beer )

Fire the milk, peck, besides toast moment a saucepan, but don ' t hire corporeal abscess. Transform the cinnamon besides stout well-organized consequence a might bowl.

Discard the toast. Drizzle the stuffy milk now the mild and stir. Drink from mugs season sunny.

Some possets contained raw eggs. The egg - nog ( eggs defeated plant sugar, milk or cream, and some generous of spirit ) is a current form of this drink. ( Reputation Britain, nog is slang for bitter. )

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