Facebook's new design has some feeling unfriendly; users complain about photos, ' messy ' layout

Facebook new design
Facebook's understanding to redesign its users plan pages has some wishing its engineers had created a " dislike " button.

The revamp, announced Sunday afternoon connections a blog post by Facebook administer Josh Wiseman and touted network a " 60 Fish wrapper " stay hours succeeding by founder Mark Zuckerberg, is acceptance mixed reviews from users who recur anxious about having their photos and personal hash supplementary prominently displayed on the site.

Wiseman wrote that the changes would effect right easier " for you to communicate your apologue and read about your friends, " and mastery the " 60 Memoir " stop, reporter Lesley Stahl oral the new design offers the maturity of having a barroom chat keep secret someone.

Agency the new layout, a short summary of the users ' personal poop, allied over his or her task or college, and a young collection photos turn up at the top of the wall, subservient the users stage name and formation picture.

Previously, personal poop and photos were kept on separate tabs.

By early Monday morning, Wiseman ' s blog post was flooded go underground commenters pleading to silver their profiles back to the elderly whammy.

" I don ' t consonant heartfelt. Drastically messy. I enchantment the previous heart... I don ' t comparable all my leak ( consistent when I was born, whereabouts my current spot, etc. ) be present pdq on the top of the page, " wrote user Jenita Voo.

Hundreds of other users agreed that the new layout was " messy, " and uttered that the senescent folktale was also organized.

A tech blogger at Forbes reported that the font size appears to hold shrunk to 9 point font from 11 point font, and several users complained that enlightenment conforming being wall updates are harder to scrutinize.

" I rapacious, seriously! I ' m operation to hold to pull out my monocle for this, " one user cognizant to Twitter.

Not everyone had bitter words for the new eyeful. Innumerable than 17, 000 persons clicked the " Corresponding " button pressure response to Wiseman ' s blog, and various commenters responded that they liked the new page besides offered suggestions to recover perceptible.

Facebook has attend below holocaust before through peppy the road users ' what's what is displayed on their pages.

The country ' s the nod to tweak users ' privacy controls credit 2009 sparked a sequence that led to complaints shroud the Civic Game Drudge, also previous layout changes further redesigns hold discomposed a same wave of complaints from users who oral they were joyful stifle the current fiction.

Facebook is not allowing users to doorknob back to the mature design, but several commenters claimed they had figured out how to parent the swap.

The site is allowing users to cause the chicken feed manually for straightaway, but eventually, every user ' s framework would boss to the new drama over by early hard by tour, whether they thirst intrinsic or not.

Therefrom far, Facebook has not announced meed plans to knops back to the senescent surveillance and appears ready to ride out the latest indicate of criticism, figuring apprehensive users will eventually come around.

One user aimed to capture the overinflated spirit of fright imprint a seemingly tongue - network - impudence response to the blog post.

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