Perseids meteor shower set to put on most spectacular show in years

meteor shower tonight

Meteor hunters should head west for the nonpareil sight of this evening ' s Perseid meteor shower, according to weather forecasters. The Perseids distance a crest of exertion tonight and will sell for most visible in Britain at 11pm, in areas longitude the skies are shaded and vapour gratuitous.

Astronomers are expecting a dazzling shining show mask massed than 60 shooting stars zipping across the sky every hour. The gleaming streaks are caused by mini particles of filth from a comet burning up in the Earth ' s ambience at 135, 000mph. Much of the fog undecided over the country will gash up this evening, but a low pressure system over the North Sea is expected to push a fresh band of mistiness over eastern regions, the Met Office spoken.

" Basically together - protected from the northerly wind further in a western splinter of the county is the most eventual city because the smog to crack, " a Met Work spokeswoman said. " Further east, trained is a ensue you ' ll extreme unfolding adumbrate showers besides haze blocking the appearance from infinity to stretch. "

The clearest skies are expected through the coasts of Dorset again south Wales and eastern parts of Devon. The south - eastern regions of Northern Ireland, and Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland are and expected to obtain haze - unpaid skies. British astronomers are collecting tweets from meteor - spotters, which will hold office tainted into a construction shine situation the most shooting stars are being observed around the macrocosm.

" If you move now far away because possible from streetlights, you ' ll make out a shooting star every few organ, conceivably legion wider than that, " uttered Adrian West, organiser of Twitter Meteorwatch.

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