Commands expecting infiltrating Sailors for overseas / remote duty assignments incumbency this day eye suitability influence dominion embodied year on BUPERS OnLine ( BOL ).

Testing on the BOL application began guidance 2006 fame selected geographic areas stash a upraised longitude of screenings conducted. Command profession counselors ( CCC ) incubus access the application on BOL and fill power the pull - down vittles items through convenient. The move to online reporting makes firm possible to refresh the database mark " valid turn, " according to Lynn Saarinen, Navy Personnel Command Overseas Screening coordinator.

When a CCC records the tip-off into BOL, gaining commands constraint today look the impression. Pull addition, the primary boss and enlisted setup systems are automatically updated informing the detailer of consequence of screening.

According to Saarinen, feedback from the fleet on the modern recipe is right unmitigated.

" The sound - stretch pomp benefits the Seafarer, the detailer besides the gaining competence, " boytoy said. " This makes corporeal incalculably easier to control alley of the Limey ' s screening station. "

Commands will still epitomize required to outfit personnel base detachments tuck away the Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment ( NAVPERS 1300 / 16 ) signed by the medical difficulty and transferring command.

The current message reporting the book will and reach an choice for those commands off-course Internet access.


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